Candidates Respond to Energy Questions

With the election fast approaching, Renville-Sibley  and our power supply cooperatives, East River Electric and Basin Electric were interested in learning the position of our local candidates on energy related issues. Candidates vying for the position of State Representative serving Renville-Sibley members (District 16B, 17A and 18B) were contacted to see if they would give their position on 5 energy related questions.  Candidates contacted are as follows:

Current Legislative Activity


A number of legislative bills have been introduced that will mandate and subsidize more renewable energy in Minnesota.

The 2007 Renewable Energy Standard is costing Minnesota Cooperatives in excess of $70 million due to having to produce renewable energy and sell that energy to the open market at a loss.

A legislative push once again is on for more renewable energy, specifically coming from the solar manufacturing interest. Is the time right to add more mandates at a cost to our members, this time subsidizing the solar industry?

North Dakota's Clean Air Plan

Back in December of last year, I wrote my monthly article about the dispute between the State of North Dakota and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the methods to improve regional haze and the visibility in Class I areas like national parks and wilderness areas. The dispute centered on how the State of North Dakota planned to improve the visibility in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge.